Shemeno's TCGs
  Trade Log
April 1st 2008:
~ received starter pack- turtle01; turtle09; powerful08; reflection01; eternal11; pajama04; Shemeno; Mi-chan; satsuki; and 1 kameskull
~ received chiyu09 from easy memory

April 2nd
~ received bestfriend08 and recipe05 from freeze frame
~ received smlipcm07 and okaeri02 from hard memory
~ received boxer08 and emotion09 from hangman
~ recieved eternal07 from card freebies
~ recieved you18 from weekly freebie

April 3rd:
~ recieved capture13; kanzen02; and taguskull from distorted card

April 4th
~ received speed10; realfacepb16; and IIyou01 from pick-a-member

April 5th
~ Bokura07; you05; and super03 from which song
~ Signal02 and marioddr10 From Ueda’s loss
~ Turtle08 from guess the affiliate
~ IIyou11; boxer07; eternal08; gorgeous03; Marioddr06; and kameskull from slots

April 6th
~ turtle06; turtle07; and taguskull for my birthday
~ Emotion04; kattun0810; lips07; lipspf13; present09; shiawase05 akanskull; taguskull from koki’s predicament, Junnosuke’s Dilemma, and Jin’s Dictionary
~ traded my boxer07 with Sandy's emotion06

April 7th
~ Focus11 and kanzen12 from ueda’s loss
~ Kattun0805; smlipcm11; and kameskull from Jin’s dictionary
~ Housewife05; shiawase12; and taguskull from Junnosuke’s dilemma
~ Housewife18; pear01; sora03; and maruskull from Yuuchi’s trivia
~ Midnight18 from easy memory
~ Speed04 from weekly freebies
~ Sora10; kosei07; and aikotoba01 from new decks
~ Realnude07 and present01 from which song
~ Speed01 and camera03 from freeze frame
~ Gorgeous12; housewife12; romantic01; yorokobi02; signalle05; and kameskull from slots

April 8th
~ Traded my marioddr06 for Lily’s turtle02, also exchanged membercards
~ Camera07; greetings04; kosei11; norinori04; pajama11; shorty01; smlipcm07; and uedaskull Easy and Hard Puzzles week of april 1st
~ Aikotoba12; jumpin16; and lipsle05 from pick-a-member

April 9th
~ Eternal02 from freebies
~ Pear06 and sora18 from easy puzzle
~ eternal06 and taguskull from distorted card

April 13th
~ Traded my lips07 for papier’s turtle05, also exchanged membercards
~ Traded my yorokobi02 for Trace’s turtle03

April 15th
~ Bestfriend11 and housewife14 from which song

April 16th
~ dajare12 from weekly freebies
~ Kame0810; Ueda0807; leather01; realface02; and rfseishin05 from new decks
~ Present11 from easy memory
~ Boxer02 and shiawase03 from freeze frame
~ Fun18 and kame0809 from hard memory
~ Present04 and kanzen11 from hangman
~ Sora09 from Guess the Affiliate
~ Turtle10 and taguskull from distorted card
~ Aikotoba06 from koki’s predicament
~ Okaeri03; rfshorty04; and taguskull from junnosuke’s dilemma
~ Marioddr09 from Jin’s dictionary

April 18th
~ Junno0811; recipe10; and taguskull from pick a member
~ Gorgeous17; pear07; kattun0808; sora06; signalle03; and kameskull from slots
~ traded my marioddr06 with Sandy's turtle04 and exchanged membercards

April 19th
~ Traded my rfshorty04 for plueschii’s housewife17; also exchanged membercards
~ Kameskull from lucky card

April 20th
~ Traded my emotion04; emotion09; and shorty01 for lovemimmie’s housewife08; speed06; and present12; also exchanged membercards
~ eternal09 from freebies
~ chiyu08; kattun0818; and akanskull from leveling up
~ traded my signal02 with sakurairuy’s turtle11; also exchanged membercards

April 21st
~ kattun0816 from weekly freebies
~ kokiinny08 and smllipcm04 from easy puzzle (april15th)
~ kame0808 from easy memory
~ kizuna04 and kizuna05 from which song
~ housewife17; pear12; and taguskull from pick-a-member

April 22nd
~ traded my smlipcm11 for Uyuki’s housewife16; also exchanged membercards
~ traded my smlipcm07 for lovemimmie’s housewife09
~ eternal10 from card freebies

April 26th
~ traded my chiyu08 for Lily’s housewife13
~ eternal04; housewife06; kattun0813; pear05; ynule01; and kameskull from slots

April 28th
~ bokura01 from easy memory
~ pear11 from which song
~ kattun0804 and kattun0801 from freeze frame
~ shiawase08 and kattun0815 from hard memory
~ dreamboys11 from guess the affiliate
~ dreamboys01 and care07 from hangman

April 29th
~ realnude04 from freebies; signalle02 from 2nd anniversary; housewife03 from third album
~ okaeri08 and taguskull from distorted card
~ housewife15; pear04; kizuna12; sora08; signalle04; and kameskull from slots

April 30th
~ recieved turtle12 from trade pool for my smlipcm07
~ traded my kanzen12 for Vidi’s housewife01

May 1st
~ eternal05; maniac10; and kokiinny12 from pick a member

May 2nd
~ pear03 from card freebies

May 4rd
~ mastered turtle received realface01; housewife02; cool&pop07; and akanskull
~ traded my ynule01 for sandy’s signalle01
~ traded my smlipcm04 for anti’s housewife07; also exchanged member cards
~ traded my kokiinny08 and kokiinny12 for paiper’s speed08 and speed09

May 5th
~ pear06; kame0805; ai-iro05; autumn10; moment10; marioddr12; duesperf07; rfshorty04; rfseishin09; crunky’0307 for 5 taguskulls and 5 kameskulls
~reflection12 from easy memory
~sora16 and pear10 from which song

May 6th
~ housewife10 and ynule01 form pick a member
~ eternal12 from freebies

May 9th
~ traded my rfseishin05 for sam’s present05 also exchanged membercards
May 10th
~ taguskull and housewife11 from distorted card
~ realface18 from weekly freebies
~ moment12; autumn01; and duespf12 from new decks
~ kattun0809 from junno’s 9th year at JE

May 11th
~ lips07 and pajama04 from easy puzzle (May 04th)
~ super01 from easy memory
~ speed07 and realface09 from which song
~ present10 and dreamboys10 from hard memory

May 13th
~ dreamboys08 from freebies
~ fun02; omedetou04; and you15 from pick-a-member
~ realface05 from weekly freebies
~ pear08 and kattun0806 from hangman
~ IIyou09; butterfly01; duespf14; housewife04; kattun0811; and kameskull from slots

May 16th
~ Camera09 and realnude02 from freeze frame
~ traded my lipsle05 for lovemimmie’s Signalle06

May 17th
~ traded my realnude04 for sakurairuy’s pear09
~ traded my recipe10 for Sandy’s eternal03
~ traded my you05 for Dee’s speed05; also exchanged membercards

May 19th
~ received jininny05 and sora09 from build-a-deck
~ mastered housewife: received kattun0802; sports02; santa03; and akanskull
~ mastered Signalle: received capture13; nyanya10; docomo07; jumpin07; pear02; kattun0817; and maruskull
~ mastered pear: received futsuu05; kizuna11; kattun0803; and akanskull
~ gaugau01 from weekly freebies, don’tstop15 and cktshiro01 from new decks, and kattun0812 from 120 decks

May 20th
~ present06 from easy memory
~ kame0811 and taguskull from distorted card
~ bestfriend10 and kame0804 from which song
~ chiyu04; globe10; and rfcon05 from pick-a-member
~ chichi17 from card freebies

May 21st
~ greetings05 and stay12 from build a deck
~ chichi14; sora01; dontstop04; kizuna01; 2you04; and kameskull from slots

May 24th
~ redrose05 and realfacepb02 from leveling up

May 25th
~ traded my crunky03cm07 for Elizabethh’s moment09

May 26th
~ butterfly09 and capture16 from easy puzzle (may19th)

May 29th
~ scoop09, leisure03, and yourside02 from weekly freebies and new decks
~ moment03 from easy memory
~ maniac07 and kameskull from lucky card
~ docomo11; smlipcm07; and taguskull from pick-a-member

May 31st
~ focus03 from card freebies
~ dontstop16 and moment02 from which song
~ camera12 and speed02 from freeze frame
~ kizuna02 and kizuna09 from hard memory
~ 2you12; bokura11; kame0807; reflection06; signal05; and kameskull from slots
~ traded my cool&pop07 and jininny05 for adiira’s kattun0807 and kattun0814
~ moment07 and taguskull from distorted card

June 1st
~ traded my butterfly09 for anti’s speed12

June 3rd
~ dreamboys03 from easy memory
~ dreamboys04 and kizuna03 from had memory
~ kizuna10; moment06; realnude11; butterfly01; rfcon08; and kameskull from slots

June 7th
~ kame0801 from weekly freebies
~ collection12 from easy memory
~ kizuna06 and yorokobi03 from freeze frame
~ realface17 and pajama01 from hard memory
~ camera10 and monamour07 from which song

June 9th
~ traded my pear06 for AmeHoshi’s Eternal01
~ aikotoba04; bokura01; and rfcon10 from pick-a-member
~ moment01; moment11; dajare01; monamour02; realfacepb03; todoketai11; crunky02cm05; lipspf06; crunky02cm02; and you01 from skull trade in (4-kame, 4-tagu, and 2-akan)
~ koki0806; super08; and akanskull from mastering kattun08

June 15th
~ received docomo04 from freebies
~ traded my lips07 for Amehoshi’s speed11
~ received moment04 from mastering kattun08
~ received recipe02 from member referral
~ received present02; dokidoki04; sora17; and akanskull for mastering eternal
~ 2you06; gorgeous14; kosei08; leisure14; midnight07; and kameskull from slots

June 16th
~ ringo06 from easy memory
~ duespf08 and smlipcm09 from Jin’s Dictionary
~ jumpin01; leisure11; omedetou11; and smlipcm04 from Kazuya’s Accident
~ dreamboys07 from Freebies
~ beside07; dokidoki02; realface12; and maruskull from Yuuchi’s trivia
~ traded my koki0806; jininny05; and rfshorty04 for papier’s speed03; present03; and present08
~ sora15 and sora07 from which song
~ traded my signal05 for sakurairuy’s moment08

June 18th
~ sora13; beside01; and ktfle02 from slots
~ ringo10 and uedainny10 from weekly freebies

June 19th
~ traded my redrose05 for lovemimmie’s realfacepb

June 24th
~ received sora02; leisure09; and koki0803 from mastering speed
~ received boxer05 from easy memory
~ greetings01 and taguskull from distorted card
~ dontstop01 and newyork12 from which song
~ beside06 and redrose07 from freeze frame
~ chichi16 and cktshiro09 from hard memory

June 28th
~ kanzen08 from weekly freebies
~ docomo05 from freebies

June 29th
~ care10 and kameskull from Lucky Card
~ moment05; kizuna07; kizuna08; present07; chichi01; capture11;cool&pop12; duespf03; duespf13; frseishin05 from 3 kameskulls, 3 taguskulls’ and 4 akanskulls
~ cktshiro10 and bokura04 from build a deck
~ kao01 and kameinny06 from leveling up
~ slots chichi08; chichi13; lipsle05

July 1st
~ duespf01 from easy memory
~ ringo07 from distorted card
~ sora12 from which song
~ havingfun10; midnight12; and lipsle02 from slots
~ ckttrack02; chiyu10; faith05; signal01; and maru0801 from deck donation

July 2nd
~ ckttrack11; nyanya10; and taguskull from pick a member
~ collection09 and redrose06 from easy puzzle

July 5th
~ shadows01; choice01; taiyou01; ckttrack01; and ueda0810 from weekly freebies
~ reflection09 from freebies
~ ueda0809 and globe09 from build a deck

July 7th
~ ai-iro10 and kosei03 from freeze frame
~ capture06 and pajama02 from hard memory
~ bestfriend03; aikotoba09; you13; and uedaskull from crossword
~ fun09 from guess the affiliate
~ beside11; capture15; and uedaskull from guess the concert
~ ckttrack09 from tic-tac-toe
~redrose12 from guess the cd cover
~ traded my cktshiro09 for Lily’s sora04

July 10th
~ sora11 and leaves18 from weekly freebies and Jin’s birthday

July 13th
~ ynule06 and ringo15 for capture13 and pajama04 from the trade pool
~ marioddr07 from freebies
~ dreamboys02; koki0807; santa11; dreamboys05; beside01; heart09; dreamboys06; junno0811; realface11; and 3 akanskulls from mastering kizuna, present, and moment

July 15th
~ gorgeous05 from easy memory
~ gorgeous11 and capture18 from which song

July 19th
~ marioddr08 from freebies
~ brooklyn01 from weekly freebies
~ capture05; cool&pop12; docomo06; faith07; faith08; gaugau10; housewife10; kosei04; lips14; ueda0808; 2you03; 2you02; dreamboys09; dreamboys12; sora05; sora14; ckttrack03 from murder mystery

July 21st
~ aikotoba03 from easy memory
~ ai-iro06 and don’tstop14 from which song
~ ai-iro03 and ckttrack04 from hard memory

July 22nd
~ boxer04; fun06; and ktfle09 from slots
~ marioddr02 and dontstop18 from freeze frame
~ aikotoba12 and taguskull from distorted card
~ gorgeous15 from freebies
~ lips14; monamour04; and norinori11 from pick a member

July 26th
~ mizu12 and realface04 from weekly freebies and new deck

July 29th
~ choice12 from easy memory
~ kameinny02 and mizu02 from ueda’s loss
~ kameinny08 and yorokobi16 from which song
~ lipsle04; afterdark12; and todoketai01 from slots
~ ckttrack05; ckttrack06; offholiday13; kao06; crunky02cm03; maruinny05; and 2 akanskulls from mastering sora and dreamboys

Aug 3rd
~ chichi07 from freebies
~ emotion02; gaugau12; and globe03 from pick-a-member
~ ckttrack07; ckttrack08; ckttrack10; maniac01; present01; faith01; bokura12; magickiwi12; boxer10; recipe11 for 2 kameskulls; 3 akanskulls; 3 taguskulls; 2 uedaskulls via skull trade in

August 6th
~ powerful09 and taguskull from distorted card
~ kaizokuban09; fun16 and crunky03cm05 from slots
~ ckttrack12 from easy memory
~ kameinny04 and realface15 from which song
~ docomo12 and chichi02 from freeze frame
~ aikotoba05 and marioddr01 from hard memory

August 9th
~ kosei01 from weekly freebies

August 12th
~ redrose11 from easy memory
~ traded my gaugau12 for mystika_d’s ckttrack14
~ yorokobi04; leisure10; and best04 from slots
~ leisure05 and docomo01 from which song
~ traded my chichi13 for KatyJane’s ckttrack17 and swapped membercards
~ traded my ueda0809 for mi-chan’s ckttrack13
~ redrose02; 7thstory01; and aqua03 from weekly freebies and new decks

August 18th
~ ringo12 from easy memory
~ camera11 and duespf10 from which song
~ realface16 and boxer01 from freeze frame
~ midnight03 and mizu16 from hard memory
~ docomoka01 and ringo11 and IIyou07 from slots

August 21st
~ jumpin18 from weekly freebies
~ ckttrack18 and pirates02 from pick-a-member

August 24th
~ recipe10 from freebies

August 26th
~ capture02 from easy memory
~ aqua02 and monamour05 from which song
~ seiteki01; taiyou03; and kaizokunan04 from slots
~ aqua08; kusa09; and lovejuice01 from weekly freebies and new decks
~ aqua07 and butterfly07 from easy puzzle

August 27th
~ capture12 and kameskull from lucky card
~ housewife14; nostalgia04; and taguskull from pick-a-member

August 29th
~ greetings10 and duespf13 from build a deck
~ choice11 and seiteki10 from easy puzzle

September 1st
~ traded my smlipcm07 for miki-chan’s docomo08 and exchanged membercards
~ ai-iro01 from freebies

September 3rd
~ scoop02 from easy memory
~ docomo10 and leaves16 from hard memory
~ aqua01 and autumn04 from freeze frame
~ leaves13; signal16; and duesle02 from slots
~ kosei05 and mizu09 from which song

September 5th
~ ckttrack16 and taguskull from distorted card

September 6th
~ traded my dontstop16 and dontstop18 for sam’s capture10 and capture17 (shouen club)
~ 2you05; capture01; and futsuu05 from weekly freebies; maru’s b-day; and forms
~ ckttrack09 and you09 from easy puzzle

September 8th
~ redcircle05 from easy memory
~ ckttrack15 and taguskull from distorted card
~ redcircle04; chichi12; and kameskull from which song
~ pirates07; choice06; and midnight01 from slots
~ ringo04 and kameskull from pick-a-member
~ kusa17 and secret05 from weekly freebies and new decks

September 13th
~ dontstop06 from koki’s predicament
~ ai-iro04 from freebies

September 15th
~ capture03; radiation06; realfacepb12; and akanskull from mastering ckttrack

September 17th
~ marioddr03 from easy memory
~ secret06 and taguskull from distorted card
~ kusa07; mizu13; and kameskull from which song
~ marioddr11 and dontstop17 and uedaskull from freeze frame
~ kaizokuban03; georgeous13; and junno0809 from slots
~ secret04 and realnude08 from hard memory
~ 7thstory09 from weekly freebies

September 19th
~ capture14 and from signalle05 pick-a-member

September 21st
~ai-iro08 from freebies
~ junno0809 and yorokobi12 from easy puzzle

September 28th
~ mizu08 from weekly freebies
~ realfacepb08 and taguskull from distorted card
~duespf17 from easy memory
~ secret01; realfacepb04; and ynule03 from slots
~ ringo05; redcircle03 and kameskull from which song
~ ai-iro12 from freebies

September 29th
~ offholiday07 from easy memory
~ kusa14; capture04; and kameskull from which song
~ offholiday10; mizu05; and prejoin01 from slots
~ secret08; aikotoba10; and uedaskull from freeze frame
~ ringo09 and yorokobi15 from hard memory
~ faith12 and taguskull from distorted card
~ super05 and kameskull from guess the affiliate
~ heart02 and kizuna03 from easy puzzle

October 4th
~ ai-iro11 from freebies
~ lipspf16 from weekly freebies
~ 7thstory12; chichi05; and taguskull from pick a member
~duespf07 from lucky card

October 6th
~ offholiday03; ringo14; and kameskull from which song

October 8th
~ docomoka06 from easy memory
~ midnight10 and taguskull from distorted card
~ signal10; bokura02; and cktcon11 from slots

October 12th
~ringo08 and gaugau06 from birthday build a deck
~capture07 and rfacele07 from pick-a-member
~bokura09; redcircle08; and kameskull from lucky card

October 14th
~ signal05 from freebies
October 15th
~ you08 from easy memory
~realface13; docomoka09; and uedaskull from freeze frame
~ kanzen04 and realface03 from which song
~kusa11; beside03; and taguskull from hard memory
~ fun14; afterdark09; and duesle06 from slots
~ secret07 and taguskull from distorted card

October 18th
~ shadows07 from weekly freebies

October 19th
~ moment01 and kameskull from pick-a-member

October 20th
~ signal05 from freebies
~ dokidoki09; newyork02; and radiation12 from Bday build a deck

October 22nd
~ redrose12 from easy memory
~ offholiday04 and taguskull from distorted card
~ ai-iro09; docomoka04; and kameskull from which song

October 23rd
~ aqua06 from weekly freebies
~ docomoka02; newyork12; and prejoin08 from pick-a-member
~ realface13; futsuu03; and kameskull from lucky card

October 27th
~ signal09 from freebies

November 1st
~ 7thstory03 from easy memory
~ rfshorty05 from tic tac toe
~ kusa02 and jumpin14 from which song
~ aqua10; fun05; and uedaskull from freeze fame
~ realface08; hadaka06; and taguskull from hard memory
~ 7thstory07; kame0803; and kameskull
~ yorokobi05; autumn11; and IIyou08 from slots
~ signal07 from weekly freebies
~ yorokobi08 from lucky card
~ kaizokuban04; leisure01; and seiteki03 from pick a member

November 6th
~ midnight11 from easy memory
~ chichi06 from tic tac toe
~ docomo03, yourside11, and kameskull from which song
~ chichi15 from weekly freebies
~ ai-iro07 from koki’s birthday
~ fantasist01 from new decks

November 8th
~ ckttrack01 from lucky card
~ okyaku06; cktshiro02; and kattun0815 from pick a member

November 9th
~ realface14 from build a deck
~ uedaskull from lottery
~ central12; choice06; dokidoki10; emotion07; kameinny12; kao01; norinori01; secret02; secret08; and uedainny08 from 10 kameskulls (skull trade in)

November 13th
~ focus07; emotion06; and kameskull from Mr. Potato Head
~ marioddr05 from easy memory
~ 7thstory02 from Tic tac toe
~ offholiday02; mizu11; and kameskull from which song
~ aikotoba11; secret11; and uedaskull from freeze frame
~ dontstop07; stay07; and taguskull from hard memory
~ IIyou10; kanzen09; and realface07 from slots
~ taiyou11 from weekly freebies

November 16th
~ best10 and uedaskull from potato head/update title correlation

November 17th
~ kameskull from lottery
~ aikotoba02; aqua04; emotion08; kattun0802; leisure05; lips03; and maruskull from mastering IIyou
~ ueda0807 and dreamboys08 from leveling up
~ turned in 6 offholiday cards for Shounen Task

November 20th
~ secret03 and 7thstory11 from Ueda’s loss
~ chichi04 from easy memory
~ nostalgia06 from tic tac toe
~ secret09; aikotoba07 and kameskull from which song
~ Midnight04 from weekly freebies
~ sparking01; sparking06; and perfectv!03 from new decks

November 25th
~ traded my signal05; nostalgia04 for mystika_d’s ai-iro02; capture09; and membercard
~ bokura12; fantasist10; and offholiday11 from pick-a-member

November 29th
~ traded my dontstop06 for kioenox’s capture08
~ traded my central12 and brooklyn01 for Aiidra’s bestfriend07 and bestfriend12
~fantasist06; recipe10; lesiure04; taiyou09; lovejuice12; ckttrack12; and maniac09 from top row of randomizer and 2 kameskulls
~ camera02; secret12; sparking05; and offholiday01 from thanksgiving
~ kusa06 from Junno’s birthday

December 1st
~ sam's beside01, beside07, bestfriend01, bestfriend06, bokura03, bokura15, bokura18, camera04, chichi03, chichi18, chiyu01, chiyu03, chiyu06, cktshiro07, crunky03cm03, crunky03cm07, crunky03cm08, crunky03cm12, docomo02, and docomo09 for my radiation06, shiawase05, shiawasw08, shiawase12, you18, cktshiro10, ckttrack09, dokidoki09, greetings10, kao06, koki0807, maniac07, maruinny05, moment01, monamour04, norinori01, radiation12, redrose06, secret08, and sora09

December 7th
~ kameskull from lottery

December 9th
~ bokura17; crunky02cm04; crunky02cm11; crunky03cm12; faith18; lipspf07; lipspf12; marioddr05; perfectv!09; and yorokobi10 from skull trade in (10 taguskulls)
~ crunky02cm08; jumpin04; mizu17; and shadows05 from kazuya’s accident
~ aqua05; smack02; and kameskull from Mr. potato head
~ sparking09 from easy memory
~ cktshiro02 from tic tac toe
~ sparking07; crunky02cm12 and kameskull from which song
~ kusa04; sparking03; and uedaskull from freeze frame
~ ringo02; afterdark14; and taguskull from hard memory
~ powerful13; lipspf05; and okyaku03 from slots

December 14th
~ signal16: taiyou10 and taguskull from pick-a-member
~ rfacele12 and uedaskull from potato head/update title
~ pear09; ringo01; ringo03; smack11; sparking02; yorokobi01; yourside12; choice11; focus07; 2 akanskulls and kokiskull from mastering ai-iro, capture, and docomo

December 17th
~ sparking08; 7thstory09; and kameskull from which song
~ you11 from tic tac toe
~ kusa16 from easy memory

December 20th
~ greetings02; dekita01; and together05 from weekly freebies
~ aikotoba08 and prejoin02 from pick-a-member

December 24th
~ bestfriend02; bestfriend04; bestfriend05; and bestfriend08 from santa satsuki

December 27th
~ dekita11 and whitexmas01 from weekly freebies
~ offholiday01; kusa12; whitexmas12; duespf04; jin0807; perfectv!08; and smack01 for random cards and aqua09; kame0802; and ringo13 from choice Christmas freebies
~ secret10 from easy memory
~ redcircle06 from tic tac toe
~ whitexmas18; yourside09; and kameskull from which song
~ crunky03cm10; camera05; and uedaskull from freeze frame
~ duespf02; you12; and taguskull from hard memory
~ yorokobi07; chichi10; and kameskull from mr. potato head
~ yourside06; afterdark16 and lipsle01 from slots

December 29th
~ dontstop01 from lucky card
~ camera03; fun02; and omedetou11 from pick-a-member
~ Traceys beside02; beside12 for my maru0801 and faith12; also exchanged membercards

January 4th
~ whitexmas05 and yourside12 and kameskull from which song
~ sparking04 from tic tac toe
~ realface10 from easy memory
~ whitexmas08 from weekly freebies

January 10th
~ treasure08 from easy memory
~ aqua11 from tic tac toe
~ dontstop11; bestfriend09; and kameskull from which song
~ treasure06; perfectv05; and uedaskull from freeze frame
~ treasure07; redcircle07; and taguskull
~ perfectv08; beside05; and lipsle06 from slots
~ leather10; oneself04; parisite06; treasure01; treasure02; and treasure09 from weekly freebies and new decks

January 13th
~ gaugau10 and kameskull from lucky card
~present10; radiation08; and taguskull from pick a member

January 18th
~ together18; 7thstory10; and kameskull from which song
~ ringo17 from tic tac toe
~ duespf11 from easy memory

January 22nd
~ 2you03 and aqua12 from pick-a-member

January 31st
~ dekita06 and sparking10 from weekly freebies
~ dekita07; dontstop08; and kaizokuban07 from slots
~ sparking11 and ynule01 from pick-a-member

February 6th
~ midnight 11 from weekly freebies
~ jumpin03 from easy memory
~ kusa01 from tic tac toe
~ realface06; whitexmas17; and kameskull
~ oneself02; midnight08; and uedaskull from freeze frame
~ kameinny07; whitexmas06; and taguskull from hard memory
~ lips01; ringo18; and ynule04 from slots
~ kusa10; marioddr04; and kameskull from Mr. Potato Head ~ maru0802; moment06; and santa11 from pick-a-member

Feb 8th
~ 7thstory04; 7thstory05; autumn09; hadaka07; jininny08; junno0805; taiyou13; treasure03; treasure12; and 3 akanskulls from mastering aikotoba, aqua, and bestfriend
~ chiyu05; kanzen02; kattun0802; whitexmas15; whitexmas16; you04; and 2 akanskulls from mastering secret and realface

Feb 14th
~ kanzen01; flowers01; letsgo03; duallife05; from weekly freebies and sparking10 from mi-chan’s birthday
~ monamour11 from easy memory
~ cktshiro06 from tic tac toe
~ together06; fantasist02; and kameskull from which song

Feb 17th
~ lips15; treasure07; and prejoin09 from pick-a-member

~ maniac11, afterdark08, rfseishin03, yourside12, kattun0804, duespf10 from randomizer
~ duallife10 from weekly freebies
~ midnight09 from easy memory
~yourside03 from tic tac toe
~ perfectv10; duallife01; and taguskull from hard memory
~ ringo16; dekita04; and ynule05 from slots

Feb 25th
~ redrose02 and kameskull from pick a member
~ speed07 from lucky card
~ central09; dajare08; dreamboys02; eternal05; maniac05; offholiday05; oneself08; parasite09; speed02; and together16 from 10 kameskulls

Feb 28th
~ kame0806 from kame’s birthday, taiyou07 from weekly freebies, busynow04, hohoemi10 and hohoemi07 from new decks
~ stay01 from easy memory
~ kusa13 from tic tac toe
~ gorgeous06; newyork09; and kameskull from which song

May 8th
~taguskull; letsgo02; and rfseishin04 from freeze frame
~perfectv09 from easy memory
~flowers11 and kameskull from tic tac toe
~ueda0802; flowers05; and kameskull from which song
~ uedaskull; lovejuice11; jininny08 from hard memory
~ midnight02; midnight12; and duesle01 from slots
~ scoop07 from weekly freebies

May 9th
~ kaizokuban04 and taguskull from week update title
~ whitexmas13; dokidoki12; and kusa06 from birthday build a deck
~ beside07; gaugau03; jininny12; kattun0808; lips15; lips16; lipspf16; maniac11; marioddr11; smfruits02 from 5 taguskulls and 5 kameskulls

March 10th
~ duespf10; fuyu10; and nostalgia05 from pick-a-member
~ rfseishin12 and akanskull from lucky card
~ treasure05 from easy memory
~ marioddr06 and taguskull from tic tac toe
~ duallife08; duespf09; and uedaskull from which song ~ sparking12; rfshorty08; and taguskull from freeze frame
~ hohoemi02; busynow05; and prejoin05 from slots
~duallife12; kusa08;and uedaskull from hard memory

March 21st
~ santa03 from weekly freebies
~ chichi09 from easy memory
~ busynow08 and taguskull from tic tac toe
~ dekita03; dokomoka11; and kameskull from which song ~secret05; together10; and uedaskull from pick-a-member

March 28th
~ todoketai11; onedrop03; and party02 from weekly freebies and new decks
~ party16 and kameskull from easy memory
~ offholiday02 and taguskull from tic tac toe
~ whitexmas07, kanzen03, and taguskull from which song
~ midnight14, fantasist05, and uedaskull from freeze frame
~ together03, perfectv!11, and uedaskull from hard memory
~ midnight17, santa05, and prejoin12 from slots
~ redrose04 from catching mistake in which song
~ ringo17 and xmasle10 from pick-a-member

April 6th
~ uedaskull and together09 from easy memory
~ focus01 and redcircle10 from tic tac toe
~realnude02; signal17; and kameskull from which song
~ oneself03 from weekly freebies
~ gorgeous17; kanzen03; and kameskull from lucky card
~ part11; radiation12; and taguskull from pick-a-member

April 13th
~ flowers05; kusa03; kusa05; midnight09; recipe02; and seiteki14 from mastering sparking and marioddr

April 14th
~ nostalgia01 and taguskull from easy memory
~ lips11 and kosei02 from tic tac toe
~ uedainny02; dajare05; and uedaskull from which song
~ dontstop02; uedainny06; and taguskull from freeze frame
~ mizu06; pajama05; and taguskull from hard memory
~ dekita02; party04; and onedrople02 from slots

April 18th
~my taiyou03, 10, sports02, omedetou11, newyork09, 12, lovejuice11, 12, heart02, 09, emotion08, bestfriend08, 09, chiyu01, choice11, collection09, fantasist06, 10, jininny08, leisure01, 05, parasite06, 09, perfectv09, rfseishin03, 04, yourside12, treasure07 for Sam’s autumn03, busynow06, docomoka07, 12, dokidoki06, 07, dontstop02, 03, 05, 13, faith03, 15, fun07, 12, gorgeous02, 04, greetings11, havingfun01, 08, 12, jumpin05, 08, 13, 15, kanzen12, midnight06, together02, 13
~ katoshi’s 7th Story 08, Busy Now 07, Gorgeous 16, Gorgeous 18, Kosei 09, Maniac 08, Powerful 15, Seiteki 10, Seiteki 13, Todoketai 02 for my After Dark 08, After Dark 09, After Dark 14, Best Friend 09, Camera 03, Cool & Pop 07, Cool & Pop 12, DokiDoki10, Midnight 12, Nostalgia 06 and membercards
~ traded my duespf10, fantasist06, fantasist10, marioddr05, marioddr11, and smack01 for Paiper’s autumn05, beside04, beside08, bokura16, autumn11, and chiyu08
~ kusa03; kusa05; and kameskull for my birthday
~ choice02; maruinny09; and pirates01 from pick a member

April 25th
~ offholiday09 from freebies
~ rescue12 and taguskull easy memory
~ havingfun11 and yorokobi08 from tic-tac-toe
~ hohoemi05 and uedainny03 and taguskull from which song
~ dontstop14 and signalle06 from pick-a-member

May 2nd
~ whitexmas12 and uedaskull from easy memory
~ perfectv02 and ueda11 from tic tac toe
~ realnude09; redrose07; and taguskull from which song
~ perfectv09; duallife11; and uedaskull from freeze frame
~ letsgo06; norinori11; and uedaskull from hard memory
~ yorokobi12; camera03; and kaizokuban08 from slots ~ party07; hohoemi01; and uedaskull from Mr. Potato Head
~ newyork12 from lucky card
~ jin0806; kao08; and taguskull from pick-a-member

May 9th
~ treasure11 and uedaskull from easy memory
~ letsgo02 and fun08 from tic tac toe
~stay01 and beboptime01 from freebies

May 11th
~ resuce04; rescue12; rescue11; onedrop01; onedrop02; and onedrop03 from break the code
~ offholiday18 and kameskull from easy memory
~ autumn11 and focus08 from tic tac toe
~ yourside09; together02; and kameskull from hard memory
~ busynow02; together16; and kaizokuban12 from slots
~ jumpin10 and autumn02 from weekly update

May 18th
~ smack06 and kameskull from easy memory
~ letsgo01 and together03 from tic tac toe
~ redrose05; fantasist02 and taguskull from which song
~ Sam’s boxer09, emotion04, 10, 12, faith11, greetings12, hohoemi17, kameinny10, kao05, 09, 11, leather08, leaves14 for my central09, choice06, crunky02cm02, 05, 08, 12, crunky03cm03, 07, 12, kusa03, 05, letsgo06, maniac11
~ moment09; together02; yorokobi07; powerful08; rfshorty09; and signal01 from break the records

May 24th
~ docomoka09 from weekly freebies
~ docomoka03; docomoka05; and docomoka06 from choice for BTR
~ duallife11; onedrop18; and pirates07 from pick-a-member

May 29th
~ todoketai05 from weekly freebies
~ sports11 and taguskull from easy memory
~ lovejuice12 and redcircle02 from tic tac toe
~ recipe07; oneself06; and taguskull from which song
~ busynow10; lovejuice04; and uedaskull from freeze frame
~ fun05; yorokobi18; and uedaskull from hard memory
~ super09; brooklyn06; and kameskull from mr. potato head
~ focus05 and uedaskull from guess the affiliate

May 30th
~ traded my lovejuice12 and gaugau03 for uyuki’s beside09 and kanzen10
~ traded my pear09 and gaugau10 for mystika_d’s docomoka11 and kame0812
~ lips02 and uedaskull from luckycard
~ pirates04; bestfriend02; and santa04 from pick-a-member

June 1st
~ traded my kattun0815for mikomi’s beside10 also exchanged membercards

June 5th
~ rescue16 from weekly freebies
~ midnight03 and kameskull from memory
~ yourside01 and ringo05 from tic tac toe
~ offholiday11; seiteki11; and uedaskull

June 7th
~ crunky02cm10; leisure06; and midnight05 from mastering beside
~ faith18; gaugau06; lovejuice07; newyork01; perfectv!06; realface14; realfacepb19; smlipcm12; todoketai11; and you02 from 5 tagugkulls and 5 uedaskulls
~ docomoka08; dokidoki05; duallife01; gaugau07; kusa18; midnight03; nostalgia13; pajama10; ringo06; and seiteki13 from 10 uedaskulls
~ brooklyn03; globe10; and uedaskull from pick a member

June 12th
~ hohoemi13; redcircle; and kameskull from luckycard
~ busynow01; btrglobe06; and btrshiro01 from new decks
~ midnight08; norinori06; and uedaskull from easy memory
~ btrkuro06 and shiawase01 and tic tac toe
~ signal18; romantic12; and uedaskull from which song

June 16th
~ party13 from weekly freebies
~ rescue07; moment08; and kameskull from easy memory
~ gaugau04; midnight15; and taguskull from hard memory
~ truth03; and rescue01 from tic tac toe
~ you04; dontstop14; and taguskull from which song
~ rfshorty08; okaeri03; and uedaskull from freeze frame
~ afterdark18; signal01; and duesle03 from slots
~ perfectv!01; aiiro01; and kameskull from potatohead
~ bokurale07 and btrshiro02 from pick-a-member

June 22nd
~ aikotoba01 and taguskull from easy memory
~ hohoemi18 and jumpin09 from tic tac toe
~ yourside04; whitexmas02; and taguskull from which song
~ offholiday01; kanzen01; and uedaskull from freezeframe
~ heart11; mizu08; and uedaskull from hard memory
~ yorokobi08; afterdark01; and duesle04 from slots
~ btrglobe03; offholiday07; and kameskull from mr. potato head
~ leisure02 and kameskull from lucky card
~ traded my redcircle03 and redcircle07 for Tracey’s ringo13 and ringo15

July 3rd
~ beboptime04; and taguskull from easy memory
~ offholiday08 and uedainny09 from tic tac toe
~ offholiday13; cktshiro09; and taguskull from which song
~ btrkuro02; btrkuro08; btrkuro03; btrkuro05; ringo02; and akanskull from update

July 8th
~ kame0903; kurogin08; gokusen05; ueda0909; and jin0901 from new decks
~ busynow02 from weekly freebies
~ havingfun09; leaves10; and uedaskull from memory with kame
~ jin0811; and realfacepb10 from tic tac toe with junno
~ jumpin02; docomoka03; and kameskull from scrabble
~ dontstop12; kurogin15; and taguskull from maru and the lyrics
~ kurogin05; bokura11; and kameskull from which song
~ gokusen07; choice09; and kameskull from freeze frame
~ junno0904; ueda0902; and uedaskull from song info

July 9th
~ duespf11 and perfectv!03 from kame’s accident
~ busynow03; maruinny12; and uedaskull from ueda’s loss

July 14th
~ gorgeous07 from weekly freebies
~ faith04; koki0805; and uedaskull from fanmail
~ btrkuro09; cktshiro02; leather02; okyaku02; and kameskull from I spy with KAT-TUN
~ btrglobe08 and dokidoki06 from memory errors
~ whitexmas15; jin0909; and uedaskull from memory with kame
~ onedrop04 and chichi08 from tic tac toe
~ traded my lovejuice07, maru0802, rescue12, lovejuice01 for Tracey’s busynow01, busynow11, busynow12, camera06

July 25th
~ ueda0904 from weekly freebies
~ 7thstory12; kame0804; and taguskull from fan mail
~ ueda0903; junno0803; and taguskull from jin’s dictionary
~ focus02 and yukan10 from Kame’s accident
~ midnight18; bokura06; and uedaskull from ueda’s loss

August 6th
~ btrkuro04; heysay07 and yorokobi18 from mastering ringo
~ ktfle10; seiteki11; and yukan02 from fan mail
~ newyork06 and kosei06 from build a deck
~ together17; mizu07; and taguskull from memory with kame
~ kameinny12 and kame0802 from tic tac toe
~ reflection05; lipspf09; and taguskull from scrabble
~ heysay06 and kameskull from lucky koki
~ whitexmas10; camera06; and uedaskull from maru and the lyrics
~ fun15; offholiday02; and uedaskull from which song
~ jin0812; boxer08; and kameskull from freeze frame
~ rescue10; whitexmas06; and kameskull from mr. potato head
~ romantic06; afterdark15(shounen club: group performance) and taguskull from song info
~ heysay03 and btrkuro07 from freebies

August 15th
~ btrshiro10 from freebies
~ onedrop18; redcircle04; and kameskull from easy memory
~ hohoemi10; and duallife02 from tic tac toe

August 22nd
~ himawari01 from new deck
~ realnude11 from weekly freebies
~ hohoemi14; onedrop14; and kameskull from luckycard
~ fuyu07; kao08; and uedaskull from maru and the lyrics
~ party11; gaugau04; and kameskull from scrabble
~ hadaka08; gokusen15; and uedaskull from which song
~ mizu03; maniac06; and kameskull from freeze frame
~ hohoemi18; gorgeous18; and uedaskull from mr. potato head
~ realfacepb12; together15; and kameskull from song info
~ party14; shiawase03; and uedaskull from jins dictionary
~ himawari04 and kusa05from kame’s accident
~ my fantastist02, junno0904, perfectv09, together16, jin0901, jin0909, yukan10, duallife11, duallife01, beboptime01, whitexmas06 and whitexmas12 for papier’s bokura13, btrglobe01, camera08, dekita12, docomoka10, dontstop10, dontstop16, dontstop18, emotion01, emotion05, emotion08 and jumpin12
~ perfectv!02 and nostalgia01 from build a deck
~ crunky03cm12; radiation03; and kameskull from fan mail

August 29th
~ kusa13 from weekly freebies
~ kame0909; heart01; and taguskull from easy memory
~ afterdark01 (shounen club group performance) and chichi06 from tic tac toe
~ powerful08; rescue12; rfacele06; seiteki08; todoketai01; and maruskull from maru’s trivia
~ dontstop18; kameinny07; and taguskull from fanmail
~ speed04; together16; and taguskull from junno’s dilemma

September 5th
~ onedrop16; hohoemi02; shadows03; kame0901; recipe04; gokusen17; gokusen14; together11; yukan18; and btrglobe12 from hiatus

September 17th
~ rescue08; rescue17; btrglobe05; parasite08; aqua04; central11; kame0906; lovejuice09; busynow03; and yukan02 from hiatus
~ mizu01 and lipspf02 from tic tac toe
~ docomoka01; seiteki03; and taguskull from memory

October 5th
~ rescue16 and afterdark02 from weekly freebies and ueda’s birthday
~ maru0904; jin0808; and kameskull from easy memory
~ ueda0908 and afterdark17 from tic tac toe
~ heysay01; cktshiro02; and taguskull from scrabble
~ flowers02; flowers06; and uedaskull from maru and the lyrics
~ yukan13; fuyu03; and uedaskull from which song
~ treasure02; norinori02; and uedaskull from freeze frame
~ btrshiro09; kurogin05; and taguskull from song info

October 13th
~ bokurale08; koki0906; mizu06 from fanmail

October 23rd
~ afterdark03 from weekly freebies
~ nyanya11; junno0904; and taguskull from memory
~ treasure09 and kameinny01 from tic tac toe
~ dontstop13; dontstop06; and kameskull
~ letsgo01; together08; and taguskull from maru and the lyrics
~ yukan05; hohoemi08; and btrglobe08 from majority rules
~ ckttrack11; kameinny09; and uedaskull from fanmail

November 11th
~ btrkuro11; globe12; recipe10; taiyou13; rescuele12; and maruskull from maru’s trivia
~ shiawase05; sparking11; hadaka08; lips16; and 2 kameskulls from staff questions
~ duallife12 and yourside08 from errors in memory
~ fun18; okyaku02; realnude04; rfcon12; sora13; xmasle12; signal09; hohoemi02; parasite09; maruinny11; lips16; duesle05; 2 uedaskulls; and a maruskull from I spy

November 21st
~ uedainny08 from weekly freebies
~ lips04; choice04; and kameskull from easy memory
~ leisure18 and cktshiro06 from tic tac toe
~ kurogin02; midnight09; and kameskull from scrabble
~ choice05; kameinny03; and uedaskull from lucky koki
~ letsgo03; junno0910; and uedaskull from maru and the lyrics
~ yukan15; afterdark08; and uedaskull from freeze frame
~ Mystika_d’s bokura 04, 14, duesperf05, faith 06, 09, and btrglode10 for my beboptime04, midnight18, parasite08, rescue17, seiteki10, and lovejuice07
~ traded my gorgeous18, ueda'0807, yourside09, yourside12, kosei03 & leisure09 for meiko’s autumn06, bokura05, chiyu06, flowers08, fun!03 & kanzen07 and exchanged membercards
~ traded my santa05 + 11, greetings11, 7thstory12, aqua04, beside01 + 07 and midnight03 for mikomi’s afterdark11, autumn05, bokura10 and faith06, 10, 12, 15 + 17
~ bestfriend12 from weekly freebie

December 16th
~ himawari06; busynow11; and kameskull from easy memory
~ nostalgia10 an maru0905 from tic tac toe
~ ueda0907; whitexmas06; and uedaskull from scrabble
~ kusa18; gokusen15; and taguskull from maru and the lyrics
~ btrglobe10; rfacele07; secret08; and kameskull from I spy
~ lipspf12; seiteki14; and kameskull from staff question
~ flowers04; rescue13; and uedaskull from which song
~ together09; dajare12; and kameskull from freeze frame

December 27th
~ btrkuro10; btrkuro12; btrglode02; btrglobe04; and btrglobe07 from Christmas freebies
~ powerful17; kurogin10; kurogin13; monamour10; offhoilday01; sports06; scoop04; choice06; yukan13; dreamboys05 from missed update
~ traded sam’s afterdark11, 16, 18, bokura04, btrshiro05, btrkuro10, chichi11, choice02, duespf05, faith10 For my btrglobe08, central11, flowers05, heart01, letsgo02, redcircle04, rescue17, yourside09, autumn01, together15

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