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Phoenix Down Trade Log:

December 15th
~ Starter Pack: cecil01, pregame11, odin13, hollowbastion21, warriorsofeorzea23, moonspring102, and moonspring105
~ Starter Pack Extras: mat_green, mat_black, mat_black, albhed/letter22, tripletriad/tt-0110

January 1st
~ listentomystory12 from putting cards up

January 10th
~ Antagonistic: theplanet13, gridania25, 20 EXP
~ Battle Lottery:You got 1 attack right, please take 1 random card (m-cutegirls201) and the EXP(35)
~ Triad card battle (lose): 27 EXP
~ Cids Parts: 29 EXP no matches
~ Level Guess: duodecim13, busterbearers14, mat_green, 38 EXP
~ Scratch Card: take both sets of gil (gil20, gil20), take one item (terra), and the EXP (32EXP)
~ Summon Slots: battlebgsivay15, itadaki05, 11 EXP
~ Team Battle: chest04, 30 EXP
~ Tetsuyas Characters: ventus, potion, 25 EXP

Januray 17th
~ Antagonistic: skillsaquired05, sisterwarriors19, 15 EXP
~ Battle Lottery: hollowbastion13, cecil05, 17 EXP
~ Triad card battle (win): yrp06, bahamut15, 23 EXP
~ Cids Parts: 14 EXP
~ Fixed Card: angelo02, 38 EXP
~ Level Guess: femalecostumes03, sending07, mat_blue, 39 EXP
~ Scratch Card: chest02, mat_red, mat_blue, 26 EXP
~ Summon Slots: cecil12, spherecoins11, 31 EXP
~ Super Slots: potion, elixir, chest02, 31 EXP
~ Team Battle: elixir, 30 EXP
~ Tetsuyas Characters: remedy, remedy, 30 EXP

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