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  Trade Log

~ Starter Pack: lucifer12, lucifer20, lucifer02, badgirl20, goodday15, reconquista16, warrior01, miinabonamana16

~ boyfriend07, reconquista05, laserbeam03, makeithappen02 from grand opening freebies
~ Video Sequence: turnitup08, badgirl03, hiragana/zo, hiragana/pi, hiragana/i
~ Fill in the Blanks: badgirlgoodgirl19, ohmygoddess08, hiragana/e, hiragana/gi
~  Lyrics Translation: makeithappen11, starlightmoonlight02, hiragana/pi, hiragana/ze
~ CD Puzzle: warrior05, no111, hiragana/ga, hiragana/ni
~ Matchmaker: yigerenkafei19, no112, hiragana/fu, hiragana/ya
~ Video trivia: badgirlgoodgirl16, lucifer05, hiragana/u, hiragana/ru
~ Boys Boys Boys: intuition06, wonderline12, hiragana/za, hiragana/wildcard, hiragana/bu
~ Brainteaser: if08, beautifulhangover08, hiragana/pa, hiragana/pu, hiragana/no
~ Characterized: warrior09, laserbeam10, makeithappen12, hiragana/se, hiragana/i
~ Hiragana Match: goodday19, beautifulhangover05, lucifer08, hiragana/ya, hiragana/pu, hiragana/na, hiragana/n


March 1st
~ lucifer01 and newsnippon03 from top chef finale
~ traded my reconquista16 for Munki’s newsnippon19

March 3rd
~ badgirlgoodgirl09, karetoissho05, konochikyuu13, newsnippon12, warrior02, youandi10 from new decks
~ traded my badgirl03 for Imadokisan’s lucifer19

March 4th
~ traded my badgirlgoodgirl16 and  badgirlgoodgirl19 for Cassidy’s lucifer16 and warrior 13
~ traded my badgirl20, makeithappen02, and warrior05 for Uyuki’s lucifer03, lucifer13, and lucifer14
~ Video Trivia: goodday11, tellmegoodbye12, hiragana/ni, hiragana/ni
~ Boys Boys Boys: white03, troublemaker15, hiragana/e, hiragana/do, hiragana/bo
~ Brainteaser: intuition13, tellmegoodbye17, hiragana/se, hiragana/ri, hiragana/se
~ Hiragana Match: gogosummer04, intuition16, lucifer17, hiragana/pi, hiragana/hi, hiragana/ma, hiragana/bo
~ chou04, jalhaejwobwaya07, pareowaemerald01, theboys08, touch17,  and white18
~ theboys20 from answering update question
~ warrior15, badgirlgoodgirl08, lotus06, and theboys16 from march freebies
~  Level Up: lucifer04, lucifer07, cookingcooking18, yigerenkafei14, white11



March 15th
~ blue09, everybodygo07, hello07, konnayokattara06, sexyzone02, and wonderboy07 from new decks
~ Video Sequence: sexyboy13, troublemaker09, hiragana/za, hiragana/a, hiragana/zu
~ Fill in the Blanks: sexyboy17, no107, hiragana/ya, hiragana/na
~ Matchmaker: reconquista06, chou05, hiragana/to, hiragana/ki
~ Tonedeaf: blue12, theboys09, sexyboy02, hiragana/de, hiragana/ma, hiragana/ku

April 23rd
~ Staff Pay: 2 free hiragana, nothinglast02, intuition11, lotus09, tellmegoodbye20
~ btd08, followme08, insane08, lightmyfire08, shiningbutterfly08, and wildatheart08 from new decks
~ mamak04, tellmegoodbye15, hiragana/pa, hiragana/pa, hiragana/no from video sequence
~ warrior20, badgirl13, hiragana/i, hiragana/wildcard from mystery b-side
~ theboys05, lucifer10, hiragana/de, hiragana/ho from fill in the blanks
~ ohmygoddess16, starlightmoonlight08, hiragana/zo, hiragana/ma from lyrics translation
~ followme17, konochikyuu12, hiragana/pe, hiragana/ku from matchmaker

April 30th
~ distance09, luciferjp09, mamak09, mamam09, mrsimple09, nanlina09, onegaidakara09, and spice00 from new decs
~ white17, beautifulhangover18, hiragana/a, hiragana/pa from video trivia
~ Boys Boys Boys: hiragana/free, hiragana/free
~ Brainteaser: shiningbutterfly20, nothinglast06, hiragana/pe, hiragana/ha, hiragana/ru
~ Music Roulette (chinese): touch05, everybodygo18, uso20
~ Hiragana Match: karetoissho04, heavyrotation04, mamak13, hiragana/na, hiragana/de, hiragana/yu, hiragana/yu

May 6th
~ beatgeneration13, beautifultarget13, fantasticbaby13, hitu13, pedicureday13, and planetarium13 from new decks

May 13th
~ ftdistance13, losttheway13, lovegirl13, onnatootoko13, sixthsense13, and volumeup13 from new decks
~ uso19, if10, hi, da, and hi from video sequence
~ Fill in the Blanks: shiningbutterfly18, bemine09, hiragana/chi, hiragana/ta
~ CD Puzzle:
 beautifulhangover03, blue19, hiragana/ki, hiragana/ne
~ Matchmaker: boyfriend15, pareowaemerald19, hiragana/zu, hiragana/mu
~ Video Trivia: chou04, goodday17, hiragana/po, hiragana/gi
~ Song Equation:  goodday14, btd09, hiragana/pi, hiragana/ze and game stamp 5
~ Boys Boys Boys: mrsimple12, hotsummer17, hiragana/tsu, hiragana/da, hiragana/do
~ Brain Teaser: wonderboy16, luciferjp10, hiragana/zu, hiragana/pu, hiragana/ne
~ Music Roulette (chinese): fantasticbaby12, beautifultarget18, tianmihuayuan10
~ Staff Pay: 2 free hiragana, intuition11, white03, thatsright08, onnatootoko01 

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